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About the Artist


Welcome to my Studio Corner! 


Mission: Create an Artistic Plattform Across Generations &  Cultures that nurtures creative work,  one positive action at a time. 


As a fiber arts educator, I'm passionate about sustainability & urban gardening. I draw inspiration from nature's colors to fuel my artwork, informed by my Cuban heritage, with energy and texture. 


In all of my classes, I encourage the type of sustainability that builds confidence, creativity and self sufficiency. More importantly, I believe that Art stimulates innovation, resourcefulness and community 0utreach.


image by Karmen Linder Photography


My spare time belongs to the gardens; brightening our community and promoting biodiversity. My family is a big part of this project, starting its 4th year. 

 Before and After






In 2016 I began to practice slow stitching, embracing slow making with great zest. In the process, I have inspired hundreds to take up the Japanese hand-stitching technique of Sashiko, Boro stitching and/or hand quilting to promote a back to basics approach to textile art, encouraging innovation and pride in one's work.


This recent article by B. Bromley highlights my approach in and out of the studio 



I welcome vibrant commissions that energize and afford me with the opportunity to focus on textile artistry and tapestry explorations, often around a theme.


Machine Stitched




Thank you for your interest in my work. Look around and please contact me if you have any questions. If you are representing a quilt guild please reach out. I would love to share my passion for textile arts and very willing to travel. 




"What Would you Do If You Weren't Afraid?"

  ---- Sheryl Sandberg