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About the Artist


Welcome to my Studio & Life learning Corner!


I'm a textile art educator, motivational speaker, passionate about sustainability & urban gardener, with a passion for color and making. I draw inspiration from nature's colors to fuel my artwork, informed by my Cuban heritage, with energy and texture. 


image by Steph Shanks Photography


Recently I added a new maker-space studio venture to expand class offerings with a focus on slower textile art forms. The emphasis is on education and inclusion across generations.  We work on weaving, painting and slow stitching.

Yarn from D'Marie Fiber & Yarn keeps us weaving ready!


Occasionally I make special commission quilts and provide quilting services.



My spare time belongs to the gardens; brightening our community and promoting biodiversity is part of our mission. My family is a big part of this project, now on its third year. 

 Before and After



I want to encourage the type of sustainability that builds confidence, creativity and self sufficiency. More importantly, I believe that Art stimulates innovation, resourcefulness and community involvement.




In 2016 I began to practice slow stitching and embracing slow making with great zest, by investing in simple slow making tools. In the process, I have inspired hundreds to take up the Japanese hand-stitching technique of Sashiko stitching to promote a back to basics approach in textile art. This recent article by B. Bromley discusses my studio approach 



I welcome vibrant commissions that energize and afford me with the opportunity to focus on textile artistry and tapestry explorations. 


Machine Stitched




Thank you for your interest in my work. Look around and please contact me if you have any questions. If you are representing a quilt guild please reach out. I would love to share my passion for textile arts and very willing to travel. 




"What Would you Do If You Weren't Afraid?"

  ---- Sheryl Sandberg