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Hello September!



There have been so many exciting classes that I have forgotten to post about. Below you will find images from our latest Barn Quilt Workshop on Wednesday, August 24th.


Five lovely ladies joined the workshop and it was a blessing to have them there.


A little over a year ago I set out to transform our garages and smaller property buildings within our town and beyond, since most of us do not own a barn but we have homes and apartments. The finished size is 24" squared; they are for indoor or outdoor living spaces. The response has been so overwhelmingly positive that I have plans to continue them.


These works of art are drafted on wood and subsequently painted using exterior paint. I do not offer sealer instructions as I feel that there are enough chemicals floating around. Participants are free to seal them at their leisure. I have placed mine outside, under a little protection from the roof and the colors maintained beautifully. More importantly, the attendees do not use painters tape, so everything is done in free form if you will. 


I hope you can join me sometime in one of these workshops. 

What's included with your class membership? 


Primed wood square, on both sides

pencil draft of pattern

brushes and assortment of paint colors



Fun, Friendship and Artistic expression abound. I can't put into words the great time we have together in a positive, stress free environment and how happy the ladies that have participated, have left. It is simply a refreshing time.


All of the workshops have a special place in my creative life but this last one, was specially transformative because I was dealing with a little bit of bad news. Still, I did not cancel it and the women that attended, with their presence, gave me strength and I held it together! I'm forever grateful for the way the universe arranged this evening. I could not have planned it even if I had wanted to.



Thank you all for your continued support of the Arts and community activities.

My best wishes for a healthy and successful September.