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Hello August!


It has been both a great summer but also a tough one for so many people dealing with tragedies. I hope the months ahead are a beacon of healing.


I have tried to take the information that has been so freely shared over and over, and turned it into action; action to benefit others because truly, that is all that one can do. 


I have seen relentless displays of cruelty and sarcasm coming from places that I never thought I would and I have decided to turn all that passive aggressiveness into action. 


Mostly, I'm overjoyed to have a place of comfort to turn to when social media gets beyond crazy. That is to the Soil. I highly recommend it whether you have a small container or a large piece of land. Play with dirt, grow tomatoes, volunteer, buy a backpack for a friend's child, buy groceries for someone else, and the list goes on and on. 


THE IMPACT of our choices goes way beyond what anyone posts on social media.


The pretty pictures of a perfect life may only exist in that, pictures.


Everyone leads a path that becomes their journey. Make sure you are living yours; make sure your blood pressure does not escalate because someone disagrees with your views. Stop sharing the rethoric of hatred and don't punish yourself for the choices others have made. Carry in your heart your journey and your choices, step away from the "social media microphone" (if you like), and go hug a tree? (if you like to).


The choices you and I make can impact a whole community or it can't. The choices we make for our children are very personal but we are also making those choices for ourselves, not just our children. Make sure they are the right choices and then just be happy for what you are doing. It is NOT important to try to convince the rest of the world that your choices are the right ones and that the rest of the population is misguided. Live your Choices.


How can we make things better?


How can the community in which we live move us forward and spring the rest of us to take positive action?


Those are the questions that come to mind when I work the land.


The land of opportunity for someone like me, an immigrant, is truly remarkable. I'm grateful to  have this amazing opportunity to work said land. A little piece of me returns every time I touch this midwestern soil and I'm forever in it's debt. A little piece of hope returns with every plant I share with others, with every small donation we make to the local food pantry or the items anyone can donate to someone in need.


Always remember that the greatest gift we have been given is the Gift of Choice.


That gift should not be the gift of hatred but rather the gift of love and if nothing else, the gift of self love. Grow your home in whatever way is fit for you but grow it in a way where perhaps there is room for Grace. 


To those that have taken negative events and turned them into positives, thank you. I'm encouraged by your actions and motivating force. 


Cheers to a peaceful August. 


Winter is coming.