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July 4th celebrations are upon us!


I'm way, way late on sharing details from the Chocolate tasting at the famous, Roots Chocolates' Ranch (ok, farm) on a truly remarkable Sunday, this past spring.


It goes without saying that I was ecstatic to be one of the members of such an esteemed panel of amazing ladies and before I forget what this blog post is all about, the chocolates we had the immense pleasure of sampling, were not released for public tasting until some time after that.


The time we spent at the farm before and after the chocolate tasting was quite memorable and if anyone had any doubt of the committment and incredible talent that Lisa, the chocolatier extraordinaire, has, well, they would have melted away anyway!


We started with a tour of the farm and of course, as fascinated as I'm with chickens, I would have been remiss if I had not snapped a photo of said creatures. Here it goes!


The farm, where these chocolates are crafted is beyond charming and the hard work that goes into it, is proportionate to the love and dedication that Lisa and Angela, put into their enterprise, offering each other support and great partnership. I'm, before I forget to tell you, proud of knowing them both and assured that anything they put their minds to, they will achieve. 


I first met Lisa in 2012, during the Baraboo Sunday Market and have had her chocolates, which are the only ones I purchase from an artisan, multiple times a year. Not only is Lisa, creative and funny, but she is also 100% a hard working Midwestern Artisan, whose work has received great acclaim and reached far away corners of this world. Yeah, you read that right. Her chocolates have been shipped to Hawaii! Can you believe it? 


If it's not clear enough that I sing high praises for Roots Chocolates, I have to share a photo of a box I received, along with the other participants, the day of the chocolate tasting and yes, I was already cautioned that one of the chocolates is upside down!  You get the general idea though, they were as good as they look and this photo does not do them justice. Below I share more photos of the farm and my time there. 



Gorgeous day for a tour.

Here is Lisa giving us the grand tour.


Below, Angela working!

And I could not leave the farm before taking a photo of the actual chocolate beans!

To be able to witness Lisa's dedication over the last four years, in crafting and developing a remarkable brand, with products created by following and growing ingredients sustainably, from honey to cherries, is a great privilege. 


I have no doubt that in the next few years we will continue to hear great things about this artisanal business. To tell you the truth, I make it my business to tell anyone that will listen, how great, flavorful, inventive, creamy and bold her chocolates are.


Frankly, sharing the power of community and artisanship with those around us, is at the "Root" of crafting a society we can be proud of, one artisan, one chocolate and one family farm at a time.


Cheers to Lisa and Angela for their hard work. Now, go see Roots Chocolates facebook page and find out what great things are coming!



Feliz Julio Amigos.



just a note: This is a blog post from a fan; these are my personal observations