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Happy June, Friends!


This is my all time favorite month living in the midwest; it’s filled with abundant green and the promise of summer gatherings and carefree days.


I continue to fall in love with embroidery because the possibilities are endless; exploring the built-in features of the Janome 500E, continue to be a source of inspiration and creativity. I’m ready to venture into additional embroidery techniques and I’m excited to share this project with you all.


It’s gratifying to upcycle materials and giving something used, new life; this table runner features fabric scraps and a burlap coffee bag. The outcome, says it all, functionality, beauty and environmental consciousness.




Finished burlap table runner measures 28 ¾ “ x 74 ½”


List of Supplies you will need


Janome 500E (embroidery machine)

RE28B embroidery hoop

Janome 9400 QCP sewing machine, ¼” & free motion foot

Janome curved embroidery scissors

Burlap (any size available)

Schmetz embroidery needle

Aurifil Mako cotton 4648 or any variegated color

Gray embroidery thread - bobbin

Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy Stabilizer, water soluble

Assortment of fabric scraps

Backing Fabric (34x78)

Meringue Designs Scribbled Roses Embroidery Appliques (Etsy)

--Scribbled roses come in 3 sizes


I have long been fascinated by burlap as a fiber and thanks to my friend Jayson from, I was able to bring this project to life. I was delighted to work with this aromatic coffee bag; it’s strong but not too stiff to work or embroider on and served as the perfect backdrop on which to applique the scribbled roses from Cynthia of Meringue Designs.

Getting Started!


If you are working with a burlap bag, start by removing the original side stitching to prevent fraying. The sides of the bag will come finished so it is not necessary to cut the bag open. Note: the fraying at the bottom of the photo below happened by accident; I overutilized my scissors!



Use the large hoop RE28b to stitch as many roses as possible at once. There are 3 sizes to choose from. Under ‘edit’ you can add and rotate the roses to maximize hoop space and design placement.





Hoop the sticky fabri-solvy stabilizer. Only the backing fabric will be stabilized, leaving  the burlap loose on the top (left photo). If possible, start embroidering at one end of the burlap fabric instead of the middle to reduce shifting and bulk during embroidery. Note: I did not remove the stabilizer after embroidering. It adds extra support to the table runner.



The scribbled roses’ design is fabric stash friendly. You can add scraps with bigger patterns and create a fuzzy cut effect. Use materials such as denim  

and burlap to add texture.




After the tacking down stitch outlines the rose, use the janome curved scissors to cut around it. These designs use quite a bit of thread but the effect of using variegated thread is well worth it. Note: Using cotton thread may create additional lint, please clean your bobbin area often.



Continue adding roses of different sizes to the burlap to create a dynamic design.

Since the burlap coffee bag has finished edges, I folded the lavender backing fabric under and free-motioned quilted the edges. The backing fabric is not visible from the front of the table runner. This is the perfect addition to summer entertaining tables and depending on how many roses you add, a fast and fun project.







Now you are ready to enjoy a carefree & durable table runner that adds instant color to your summer entertainment table.



         I Hope you have a safe and enjoyable

                          Summer. Cheers!


Special thanks to my partner who is hiding behind the hops holding the table runner you see above!