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A big hello to all of you!


Welcoming May in all its shiny glory after the interesting April we had.


I'm finally getting around to sharing the photos from my "quilts airing in the city" short trip to Chicago. Hope you enjoy them. 


In true windy city fashion, it was the perfect day to have my textiles flowing with the wind. The city re-energizes me in a way nothing can. I can't even put it into words.


The energy from the people, the buildings, the smells, the fusion of cultures, the street performers, the thirst for achieving and living, all of these things give the city the soul it possesses. I appreciate Chicago for its culture as much as its history. Feels right to me. 





I find that the colors, from the buildings to the sky, are a perfect complement to my creations.


That's all for now.
Have a great day, week and month.


Enjoy all the seconds you have and celebrate every tiny accomplishment you can. 


It's a great big world out there. Go get it!