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Hello Friends!


We are getting closer and closer to Spring! Can't you feel it? We just have a little snow to deal with and soon we will be seeing beautiful shades of green all around our cities. Just think of the gardening that awaits and yummy veggies!


It was a great weekend in Baraboo with lots of art and excellent walking weather. Our city was hopping with visitors from all over. Although it was a working Saturday for me, it turned out to be a blessed day with plently of surprises and friends making the day so special. 

I received a wonderful box of great fabrics (washed) from a fabric fairy, a new special project commission, my new machine which puts me right back to work and a complete dinner treat delivered to my home by a very special lady; she had me at cookies and a jar of pears! 


It was a great experience helping organize this year's Cool Boo Open Studios event; we had a great turnout on its 3rd year and seeing it come to life, was a treat.


photo by Steph Shanks photography

With this and a few other events now behind me, I turn my focus back to my teaching curriculum projects. There is no time for the winter blues; in fact, I walk an average of 5.5 miles a day and there are many other great things coming this way. Good thing I have a shiny pair of walking shoes waiting to embark on our next big adventure.  Stay tuned, take this challenge with me. 

Be the very Best you Can Be for yourself and those that love you. 


Have fun & keep an open mind.



Happy February (almost)