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Hello Everyone!


My goal is to sew a little each day to keep my creativity sharp and my spirits high!



Tonight i wanted to share a piece of garment that though classy, appeared too severe for a little girl to wear to her Christmas program.


It is no secret that I'm loving my new Janome 500E embroidery machine and I'm super excited that in a pinch, a simple and classy garment can be updated with a little bit of thread, built in designs and some imagination.


For this simple update, I used my SQ20 hoop, 2 built-in designs, my choice of thread and Sticky tear away stabilizer. Even though the dress had some stretch to it, the sticky stabilizer was perfect because it made super easy to attach and sew. Please note that this is not a project that you walk away from; you want to stay close to ensure that no other  part of the garment is sewn unintentionally. 


Built-in Design 

For the bottom half design, I asked my daughter to choose her favorite colors. She is 8 and I wanted to be sure that she would love this and want to wear it.


I should also share with you that before the design was stitched onto the dress, I tried it on a simple piece of fabric to see if she still loved it before making it permanent.

Since I have always loved metallic thread, I ventured out of my comfort zone to try out on small sections of the design and I loved the results.


I also wanted to share that I used black embroidery thread on my bobbin instead of bobbin thread. 

This was my second hooping and by this time I felt more comfortable with the design placement and the dress' fabric; using a built-in design I rotated the design to occupy just a small section of the dress instead of having it stitched horizontally. 

I hope she loves it as much as I did updating it. The Christmas program is in 2 days!


Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and stay creative!