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Welcome and a Happy & Merry time to you and your family!



I have been asked the question What do you want for Xmas? hundreds of times in the last 20 years. 


Every year my list gets smaller and in many ways more complex.


I'm that person on your list that is the hardest and yet the easiest to buy for.


Simply, I love books! Who was I kidding when I got that e-reader? Really!

I love textiles but I own a small collection :)

I love music.

I love good company.

I love lazy days because they are so precious.

I LOVE my family and finding recipes that are simple and hearty.

I love a good movie and yummy treats.


Truly, I'm the easiest and the hardest to buy for. I believe that the things that give us pleasure, should be the simplest ones. I trust that a happy gathering is all the merriment we need in our lives. I believe that helping those in need is paramount and precedes our own needs. I know that many of the people I know feel the same way.


We have so much to share and enjoy; the things I want are the things that make us humans. The really simple things.


We don't decorate a whole lot for this time of year and I certainly do NOT shop a whole lot. 


My Christmas wish is super simple, to love and to share; cherish the moments, particularly the quiet ones. Those are the moments in which we listen to what we want because we are still enough to hear our own thoughts. 


I hope your holidays, all the ones you, your family and friends celebrate, are good ones; I wish you tranquility and enough food to share and to nourish our bodies and souls.


May you find your simple Christmas Wish.