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Happy December to All!


It has been over a month since I composed a blog. I was doing well until part of the reason for my absence, showed up to complete some much needed repairs. 


This segment of the blog is all about the creative people I'm grateful to know, which happens to include the very special business people I'm featuring on this Blog! There were at least 10 people involved in this project, if not more. 


In an Era where information, good or bad, is shared so frequently and people are sometimes hasty in sharing "bad" reviews about businesses all over the internet, I wanted to be part of the movement of those sharing "Good" reviews of the local businesses I'm proud to enlist and support. 


As a consumer I do ask for positive exchange of information, honesty, the ability to ask questions and most importantly superb workmanship. I will not settle for less than that, so I'm very selective with whom I choose to conduct business with. 


I have been eager to share with you the much needed transformation of our powder room. It was a remodel project that came up unexpectedly but truly, I had wanted for the last 10 years! 


Don't you love before and after photos?!


There were structural updates needed which I will spare you, that made the renovation necessary but in the future I will know what questions to ask if ever we purchase a different home. I learned my lesson here. What I will say is that pipes should not go against an outside wall if you live anywhere where cold is a concern. There, the only technical information I will share. 





A whirlpool tub I never used and would have never installed is gone forever! They are hard to clean for one thing.



The experts responsible for this are Nachtigal Construction Services and Baraboo Plumbing owned by Stephen Nachtigal and Tom Brooks respectively.



While the room was in dissarray we started looking at what else needed an update and had not had one in 15-20 years. We decided the ceiling fan was problematic and of course it had to go; not only was it installed incorrectly but it allowed cold air and condensation to accumulate and drip onto the floor during the cold cold days.

Mr. Nachtigal was professional, knowledgeable and respectful of my pets!


I could not believe that the craftmanship and the much needed update could possibly look this good! 

My little lady assisted in picking up the tile from our choices, short and sweet; I was determined to not spend more than 15 minutes on this exercise. Thankfully McGann Furniture, Baraboo, had them in stock and made the selection process that much more convenient for the two of us. 

The painter hired, Mr. Gonzalez from Madison, WI, is someone that we have worked with a lot during the last 12 months for different projects including external house painting. We trust and are very happy with his talents and reasonable rates. 



Before the renovation was even a thought in our minds, Jane McGann from McGann Furniture and I had worked on finding a solution to the very dated (and falling apart) living room curtains. In the end, the window treatments and powder room facelifts coincided so I'm including photos of the before and after for that project as well.

Jane helped me choose window treatmentst that would be long lasting, easy to clean, pet friendly and affordable, taking into consideration the challenges of the spaces and the dimensions of the windows. 


Brian Baxter completed the install; we met Brian from McGann Furniture when I first moved to Baraboo, a long time ago now. He has always been a joy to work with and I could not be more proud to support this local business as much as I can.






Bring the outdoors, indoors!

Mission accomplished.

the gentleman of the house also picked the final color for the blinds.

As you can see, it has been a very busy time around here. We are happy to be part of this community, especially working with individuals focused on family, community and customer service.

I can't say enough good things about these businesses; Tom Brooks from Baraboo Plumbing was incredible to work with. He answered all of my questions about what needed to be done and he came highly recommended. I hope these businesses stay with us for a very long time!


Cheers and Thank you to these amazing artists of their trades who keep our homes going!