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Good morning and Welcome!


I'm always looking for the best personalized gift I can find for a child or adult and I have to admit that these little Embroidery Buddies are super adorable.


This year I'm excited to have the unique opportunity to try out the Janome 500E; I wanted to find a machine that was: Easy to use, versatile, had a variety of hoops and more importantly, is customizable and I can learn more from it.


For this little Lady Bug I used a sticky stabilizer, the smallest hoop that comes with the 500E, 14b, a little bit of patience and my favorite color of thread. 


The small hearts you see on my lady bug are from the built in petite designs; it was fun to arch the letters, copy multiple hearts right on the big screen and slow the speed to accomodate the "body" of the lady bug.


I'm pleased with the results and my daughter absolutely loved that all the components of the bug could be removed, frankly so did I. The big pockets make it possible to hide a gift or that perfect pair of pajamas to gift this holiday season!