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Hello everyone and Welcome!


I continue the creative people series this week by featuring Spa Serenity's owner and Rebel extraordinaire, Lacey Steffes.



Artwork from Spa Serenity


I found the sign above while touring the spa a few weeks ago; I believe being a Rebel is a key ingredient if you are determined on building a successful business, especially in a small town.


Lacey is committed to seeing our downtown thrive. She was also a strong supporter of the “Save the wine walks” initiative along with other local business owners; she was at the Capitol in Madison when the Bill allowing the events to continue, was signed into law.




Spa Serenity’s recent expansion makes it an ideal destination for a luxurious and relaxing getaway in downtown Baraboo, WI, whether you live near or travel from afar. It offers a big city feel in a serene atmosphere with a focus on customer service; it’s also open seven (7) days a week. The growth also allowed the Spa to offer additional services such as a hair salon with two full time stylists.


The Spa is a great place for couples, college friends, Bridal parties and definitely a girl’s weekend getaway! You will be eager to enter and reluctant to leave. It is also the place to go if you have a physically demanding job and a massage is what the doctor ordered after a long work week.









Spa Serenity’s decor is shabby chic with it's spaciously decorated rooms; it has grown organically which means that every change made has been intentional. There is also a great emphasis on repurposing and supporting local businesses; to that end you will find that much of the comfortable and cozy furniture comes from McGann Furniture, downtown Baraboo.


Upon entering, the soothing music playing in the background and complimentary tea will make you forget deadlines and real world demands. You will also find a variety of coloring pages available while you wait. Creativity and resourcefulness abound here and I know you will love it.





There is no growth without supporting those around us.


One of the things that I enjoyed learning about during my visit was that Lacey collaborates and supports her staff members; many of whom have creative businesses of their own while working at the Spa. For example, the artist in residence Anna Krause from Collage Design Studio, is the Facilities Manager and her artistic designs can be found throughout the Spa. Shannon Hill also works at the Spa and is the creative spirit behind Sugar and Spice Princess Parties.


Every year I look forward to Spa Serenity's holiday open house in November. It’s always a great time to connect with a friend, eat delicious hors d’oeuvres and browse through their gifts, and what I like to call “pamper yourself” products. Below I share a few images from my visit and yes I went straight to the textiles!







I had to share how yummy these colors looked together. The Spa offers a great selection of Glow Mineral makeup.













Every week I continue to be inspired by the people I meet.


There is a thread that unifies all of the people I have interviewed the last couple of months; you won’t be surprised to find that that thread is Family. Running a small business requires so much sacrifice and stubborn resolve. We agreed that FAMILY is a big part of what we are doing. Developing a good support system is paramount and recharging our batteries a must; you have to have fun!


When asked Where are You Going? Lacey quickly replied that Downtown Baraboo is a good fit and she is content where they are; her goal is to be a good employer and encourage the professional growth of her staff while providing the best possible service to the community and visitors.


Spa Serenity and it’s staff believes in Paying it Forward; they are involved in many local and worthy causes such as Hospice, Circus of Chefs Gala (where they donate their time) and Random Acts of Serenity to name a few. The latter is my favorite.


Employees receive gift certificates to distribute at will with no restrictions.

I feel good supporting a business for the last nine (9) years that focuses on Saying...





For a complete list of the services offered at the Spa please visit


Cheers to all Dreamers and don’t forget to give Thanks and take care of yourselves!