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Earlier this week, I met with this week's featured artist and Reiki practitioner, Lisa.


Some of you might know her as the owner extraordinaire of Tangles & Co., others might have seen her around town; I met her close to 14 years ago not knowing that our paths would cross someday, for the better. I certainly feel honored to know her and be in her company every time. 


During our meeting we spoke of many things but primarily, we focused our discussion on living an uncluttered, authentic life where we nourish our spirit by following the journey in our path, with the unmistakable necessity of editing as we go along. In other words, living a life where we take only what we need and are in charge of our decisions and outcomes.  



There are so many great things about the work that Lisa is doing in Baraboo. Though we live in a small community, her creative space, where she transforms a haircut into a work of art, is a work of Art and Love in itself. 



Her outlook on life is as much about finding inner happiness as it is about balance. Her love for her family and puppy are palpable. Her artistry carries into her work where she uses good for you organic products with a perfect blend of music playing in the background.


Laugther, there is always laughter and understanding.




I don't know about you, but being in the presence of someone who exudes tranquility, has a hugely positive impact on our everyday interactions. 


Lisa purchased the building 14 years ago. She loves history and finding old photos as the brick was exposed during the remodel, added to the charm of this sophisticated space. She quickly tells me that everything is a work in progress and I would have to agree. 


The building where she creates magic is an oldie for sure, with a charisma, design and positive energy that leaves one feeling refreshed. Her energy is part of that recharge I speak of. Yes, she cuts hair, but with every piece of hair strand that falls, so do your cares. You leave to continue your journey, energized; I have seen it in others as much as in myself. 



Some things you may or may not know about Lisa is that she believes in the transformative powers of practicing Reiki, is the greatest barterer I have ever met and possesses a most kind spirit of collaboration. Of course, the list is longer but I will allow you to find out the rest for yourselves.


Lisa and I discussed Reiki (the laying of the hands), the heightened sense of awareness, positive flow of energy and inner peace that accompany this practice; it is a life long practice but one that yields results proportionate to the work we put into it. 



Detail from seating area table. 


Lisa is a person that is willing to slow down to listen, a student of life that inspires and transformed her vision into a reality by working hard. 


We parted with the question of "where are you going now?"


She is comfortable with not knowing the answer and being a 100% on board with listening to her inner compass and being present in each moment.


I could not agree more. 


Cheers to Lisa and Tangles & Co.


"becoming fearless isn't the point. That's impossible. It's learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it."

- - - - - Veronica Roth, Divergent