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Welcome to a new Blogging series, a bit different from sewing and gardening but equally engaging. Every once in a while I will share a local business, artist, author and perhaps even a dreamer or two. It will be a blog about the people and their journeys with a focus on photography. Let's learn about the world around us.




I'm so thrilled to share photos from an eclectic new addition to a favorite lunch spot in Downtown Baraboo. 


This evening I was invited to photograph and tour the new Cellar Speakeasy Lounge in the lower level of Vintage Port Deli, Coffee & Catering. 


There are so many things I love about this addition but most importantly the proprietess, Taffy Harrison, who has owned the building since 1999, is excited to share her dream of many years with all of us. 

Beautiful tables and couches adorn the lounge in a private and cozy, yet artistic atmosphere. 



Art, Design, Fashion and good food have been a focus of the remodel; there is passion from the exposed brick to the use of the original radiators as tables, to the repurposed wood and windows;  everything has it's proper place and function. The carefully selected decor includes a painting by local artist Tatsiana Oneill, pictured below.



Some of my favorite photographs from tonight. I delight in the possibilities of photography.



The beautiful Kayla will be part of the amazing crew working at the Lounge from Thursday - Saturday. 

Dressy casual attire welcomed.



A place to celebrate in and relax.

Minimalistic and striking decor.



  • What can we expect from the menu?


Small, soulful plates of delicious food and drinks including but not limited to Creole Shrimp & White Cheddar Grits and WI duck breast with Fava beans & Pancetta. Guests will also enjoy a selection of desserts, martinis, craft beers and wines from the Baraboo Bluff and Wollersheim Wineries. For those of us favoring a lighter sweek drink, Taffy tells me that she will have sparkling cider available.


  • Bonus

The upstairs will be open during Lounge hours giving visitors the option to enjoy the same menu and coffee drinks.


Things to know about the new Cellar Speakeasy Lounge launch:


Opening Night is October 1 @ 5pm


Hours of Operation: Thursday 5:00 - 9:00, Friday & Saturday 5:00 - 11:00pm


Dressy Casual attire.


The lounge will welcome private parties during the week and some weekends depending on availability.


I have given you but a sneak peek on the amazing transformation and long hours Taffy and her crew have put into this project. 


Go check it out for yourselves.