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Beautiful Sunday morning here!


Realizing that our time is precious and we can't join, complete and do all of the things that we wish we could is certainly a lesson I'm learning as I continue my creative journey. 


I finally realized that having a downtown Baraboo studio space is not feasible at the moment as other opportunities to teach and network have emerged. I'm not giving up on that dream yet but I'm right where I'm supposed to be at the present time. 


I'm glad to see September slip away after a really busy month and teaching schedule. October promises to be just as exciting. 


My first art love was painting and I truly enjoyed the painting studio time and stretching my own canvas while I attended college in NYC. I have started breaking out my acrylics again and this week I share that adventure on a smaller canvas, with you all. It's relaxing and brings back good memories. I have the barn quilt workshops to thank for this resurgence of an old art love. 




I'm sharing photos of the most recent Barn Quilt Workshop from last week. Many of you have probably seen it but that's ok. I can't get over the fun, friendships and talent that is shared during these workshops. 


When I had the idea to start a barn quilt workshop back in May, I had no idea that it would be this popular. I offer different services within the workshops depending on how much the students want me to help. These classes have attracted students that do not sew but love to paint and decorate their homes.


It has been such a positive workshop that I know we will continue it next year.


In the meantime, there are a few openings left for Saturday October 3rd. That day we have 2 sessions, so we will be painting all day.


If you or anyone you know wishes to join me, please send me a message.


Happy Autumn to all and Thank you. 


Thank you for participating and sharing the classes with others.