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Starting the day with coffee and a friend is my favorite kind of morning. I was worried that it was going to be a cool day but was rewarded with the most amazing warm and charming blue sky; those farmers market's veggetables did not hurt either. 


I'm looking forward to spending the next three days working at the Janome booth at Quilt Expo in Madison, seeing my "The Industrial Revolution" quilt hanging next to the work of so many other talented artists and getting interviewed first thing in the morning. The latter makes me a bit nervous, I won't lie. 


This amazing event is followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday morning and Vintage Port Catering and Deli will be donating, so generously, the coffee for this gathering! All I have to do is to remember to pick it up!


There are many other little surprises in store but for now I will leave you with some of the inspiring images from today's journey.


Stay well and moving forward!