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Ever have a week that is so exciting and crazy at the same time and by all means seems like the culmination or the beginning of something great?!


That is how I feel about this week. It feels like a BIG week in all the ways, creatively, professionally and personally. There is no way to be successful all by ourselves; there are so many moving parts to what 'success' is and feels like.


Every day I live and experience something new, is a big day, feels like a big day and I'm immensely grateful for. 


I wanted to share just a few of my favorite things because they remind me of how important it is to slow down in the midst of all the "to dos" and exciting things.


I'm taking the 5X5 challenge; please join me. 25 days in a row, 5 photos, 5 minutes of writing a day, of what inspires you. 



The things that make me happy, Sewing, Family and Nature in no particular order.


I love to photograph everything; I don't want to forget. That's my excuse.

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Have a great week!

Please join me on the 5 by 5 creative challenge.


Cheers for a great week.


and Thank you!