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What an exciting week this is shaping up to be!


With the summer warmth hanging around, we decided early this morning that it was time to return to the water with our paddleboards. So our dinner consisted of sandwiches and to the lake we went. It was wonderful and how lucky we are to have such a gem in our midst. I will tell you, that while I don't live in the clouds, these days I'm choosing happy. Happy thoughts and happy people. This includes staying away from political forums, taking care of my family and planting! Yes, planting everything we can before we get to winter. Yesterday we transplanted a tree from my home base to the volunteer downtown garden we keep. It was fun.


This week we have so many positive things to share but I won't let all the surprises go at once :)


The lake was serene with plenty of people enjoying this beautiful evening with warmth and laughter. We collected rocks, used paddleboards, chatted and returned home to homework, food prep and all those fun things that back to school brings. Most of all, choosing to be in the moment, keeping it real, with love and gratifude, aware that our time here needs to have the best made out of. 



We close our Free Spirit Sewing Machine Donation year tomorrow. This 6th machine goes to the Art Department at St. Joseph School. I can't wait to see what the art teacher comes up with. 


We will resume this project bright and early in January of 2016 with 2 more libraries interested in this program and willing to put in the work that it entails.


As the funds for these machines comes from the classes and workshops I teach, I will use the next 3 months to regroup and plan next year's adventure. Thank you to those that have shown an interest in supporting this venture.


I continue to be optimistic about our children's future. I choose to believe that by teaching life long skills, we can promote a positive environment and bring the ARTS to the forefront to encourage innovation.



If you read this blog post, please feel free to share or like. The more people we can get on board for this project, the better the local communities will be. 


Cheers for a great week.