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The contest quilted piece was finally delivered in person to Nancy's Notions, Beaver Dam, WI. I could not ship it!


I honestly doubt I will be the recipient of any prizes, no really; there are so many talented people out there! But the best part of this, I already won. Hundreds and hundreds of people will see my quilt during the 3 day show and I feel honored that it will be hanging in the first place. I'm happy being words.


Saturday was a beautiful day for a drive and it gave me the opportunity to see more of this beautiful state we live in. We spent a few hours in the car together and ended the day at Jak Frost, downtown Boo. If you like a little ice cream or frozen yogurt, check it out. 

In the process I learned so much. Getting a quilt ready for a competition is no easy feat; I know you are probably thinking, really?! 


I tried to follow all the requirements as best as I could but anyone that knows me really well, knows that it does not come easy to me :)


It took me more than 4 hours to get the hanging rod pocket done because I'm so slow at hand sewing. I missed the movie on the square Friday night for this very reason. Then I had to create a label, a pretty one. So there went my partner Saturday morning to Ardyth's to get the materials I needed. All in all, great experience and I will do it again!


Adventures; it's all about the adventures we have while we navigate through our journeys. Don't forget to have dessert; makes our lives a little sweeter and makes us smile.


Cheers for a blessed week.