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We Can't Take Any Credit for our Talents. It's How We Use Them that Counts."

-- Madeleine L'engle


artist brushes from Mural painting night, downtown baraboo (not my brushes)

I have always loved the visual arts and I was determined to learn to draw and paint while in college, but the thought of selling my work never occurred to me.  It was a medium that allow me to navigate life and college in a huge city.


Fast forward more than a decade and it turns out, you have to be ready to spot an opportunity and make a go of it.


I found that in teaching myself a skill, I opened myself up to both an opportunity and spiritual outlet. It came just at the right time. I proved to myself that I could do it, grow with it and market my creations. 


It turns out creating custom pieces is just one aspect of what I love to do. Four years of market testing in the form of art/craft shows, custom work and surrounding myself with extraordinarily creative people, taught me where my gifts reside. I have a lot of respect for artists that year after year participate in events that promote the arts. I believe this is crucial in teaching our young people how Powerful and Necessary the Arts are. It helps our communities; it brings us together. 


I have found that I enjoy teaching as much as creating and

I'm ready to share what I have learned with others that wish to market their fiber creations. I don't believe that there is a secret formula to this process. There is just a lot of hard work.


In 2016 I'm launching a series of workshops on Making/Marketing Fiber Art for home use or business.


Some of the topics we will cover are:


Improving our fiber art quality

Material Selection



Environmental consciousness (hobbies included)


This kicks off in 2016. 

If you, or someone you know, is interested, please pass on the info and invite them to email me. It is an evolving lineup, so topics and activities are subject to change/evolve.


I don't believe that the secret to success is to withhold what we know. It all depends on what we consider success to be.


Cheers friends.