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"when you notice habits overtaking you, bring out the compass"

Vinny Ferraro


The time is now. To make changes and find ways to inspire ourselves, and it can happen that in the process, we inspire others to be just as bold. 

Taking risks can be rewarding and it sure has helped me to get out there; it's not always easy to get out there where we are judged and our work can be misinterpreted. But I say to that, "who cares?" 


There are many, many things that I would like to do but there is always that ant size level of self doubt. I get it. It's normal. Now, when I have an idea, I create two columns and write down the bright and the not so bright side. It helps to visualize where I'm going and where I would like to be. 


Sometimes you make a step and you are all alone. Be prepared for that too. 


I have wanted to enter Quilt Contests for some time and while I really wanted and had the opportunity to do it last year, I could not make the deadline since I was working on the Fall Art Tour pieces. Happy to have been part of it.


This year I decided that it was time to enter my first quilt into a competition. I no longer feel that I'm a beginner and that is one of the first things I have stopped calling myself. I have not been a beginner sewer for some years so there it goes, shedding that idea for good. I will admit, that now, I'm a beginner in other areas of my life and journey. 


We start to believe the stories we tell ourselves, the beginner, the unexperienced, the I'm not sure I'm ready, I will do it when the time is right and on and on it goes.


So back to the quilt contest. After much anticipation and running to get the mail, I received my letter.


It says,


Dear Maday,


Congratulations! Your quilt has been accepted into the quilt contest at Quilt Expo!


Part of the letter says that there is a small fee to receive judge's comments post-show.


What do you think my answer to this will be?


Absolutely, I will pay the small fee to receive those judges comments. Why? Because it will make me better and because I'm no longer afraid of what others think of my work.


I put in 1000% along with everything I know. 


There is always room to improve and I will do so as I continue to create.


So, venture into uncharted territory. There will be challenges and rewards.



(ps. i received this letter on my 37th birth day. taking risks does pay off)