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I start this post with a quote from a book a dear friend is reading.


"Through the help of grand master...he was given a glimpse of his potential, and so he knew that potential to be True and Attainable.

So many people never see that - they may quietly hope for it, or imagine it in their private moments, but they will never believe in it, in themselves, to go out and reach for it. Fear of failure, of judgement, of being mocked, even, will keep them curled in a bubble of security averting risks by keeping their hands close to their vest."  R. A. Salvatore


Putting ourselves out there, creating for the judging masses is not an easy task. Over three years ago, before I began to create with the intention of selling my work or even believing that my work and I were good enough, I felt very similar to the points that this quote touches upon.


To this day I will be the first to admit that being judged is a thing we, creators of any craft, must endure in order that we may grow. Easy to say right?


I know this now. Many days and nights I have pondered what is that thing that I must do next. How many hurdles can one endure before we feel that we are successful? What is success?


I have toyed with the idea of selling my home, relocating my family and art community in search of the next BEST thing. The answer is here and has always been. No matter how many places we aim to search for and live in, it is US who confine ourselves to the lonely existence of wanting more and never being satisfied. 


I have found that given the encouragement ALL of us can accomplish great things. 


I had this thought this morning that the only true thing we need is Health. How many things could we do with our lives if we weren't healthy? As a chronic pain sufferer, every day that I can walk my miles, I feel that I'm already conquering part of what makes me creative. Besides that, encouraging others to do great things and fight, fight for the things that they love so much they would die if they lost them. I don't mean material things. 


So, be fierce, be Good to you and I'm certain, that with a little bit of work, YOU WILL accomplish great things.


Go sew, go paint, make music, do yoga, plant your container garden, create that wonderful cup of coffee and continue being you. The last thing the world needs is losing the essence of what makes us humans. 


Create for change.