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Good morning everyone!


It's a fine, cold, wintry morning with sunshine on my face. The sun certainly helps and my dreams of gardens and rain and dirt are just months away. I'm excited.


There is no secret that I love sewing machines as much as I love fabric and I love the latter a lot.


In the 5 short years that I have been lucky enough to own a sewing machine, I have found a creative outlet like no other. You can sew on many types of materials with the right machine and the right needle. I believe that the sewing machine is the greatest gift that has been given to man & woman.


So, I have decided to spread my Sewing Machine Project and I will tell you all about it.


I love books and little free libraries and Sewing machines are an extension of this love.


My small family and I will be donating sewing machines to the Baraboo Public Library!


We make our delivery very very soon and can't hardly wait!!!


The director was equally excited and our offer could not come at a better time as they have many fun things planned for summer. 


So that is our big surprise and news. My partner was even excited about this project and he does not sew. 


We are delighted that we are able to purchase these machines locally and support our community. 


I invite anyone to join me on this Free Spirit Sewing Machine Project!


My goal is always to spread as much love for sewing as I possibly can.


What can be better than to merge our love for books and creativity?


Cheers Friends.


Have a great day.