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"Creativity is a survival instinct."  --- Tom Ardavany

What a great opportunity to start over Monday offers!

With a whole week to reflect on our open studio/fall art tour weekend, I find myself remembering some of the many questions I was asked during the tour.

I have a great fascination with photography and I will always be a novice. I love history and the best way to understand it after many generations, is through photographs. 

I'm an avid collector of old photographs, mainly around/after 1900 and they are all black and white. I especially love the 1920's and the shifting role of women in our society during a 50 year period. I'm intriqued by history and some of the tougher times humanity has endured.

I don't think photos lie. I believe that the essence of a situation comes forth even when we try our best to hide how we truly feel.


To that end, I collect old photographs and include them in my art, assemblage quilts. I create stories about them, sometimes they are funny and sometimes they create such emotions that they become part of my life. 

I have no photos of my mother and I or my half siblings and I.

I own a few photos of my parents' marriage ceremony and one of my paternal grandparents with them.

I own no baby photos/childhood photos and I can't remember many good things although I'm sure I must have been the recipient of good times. It is hard as an adult to have no tangible proof of an earlier life. It is difficult to understand how I have no ties to the past and yet I have memories that continue to dissapear. Time warps those memories and makes them raw. 

I take photos of everything now, I want to; it's a quest to find out how all this creativity of mine lives, how it was formed and perhaps where it's going.

Thus, I live vicariously through the photographs I collect. I don't want humanity to forget about the people we have not met. 

I have become a keeper of history even if it is in a very small way. This passion allows me to discover photos and pay homage to those before us.

I hope that the memory assemblage quilts I create will inspire others to preserve what little bit of our/their family history lives on.

There is a reason I create memory/assemblage quilts and the response from friends and patrons has been very encouraging.

The past is indeed a part of us.

Go out, Create your history.