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On the rare occasions when I can enjoy silence in the morning, I go out and listen to the birds and sometimes remove a few weeds. not many.


It's one of those things that i look forward to in the summer months; all is quiet and peaceful. It allows the mind to rest and thoughts to emerge. My mind never rests because i don't possess the gift of inner quietness, though my soul knows I try.

I have been listening to the spoken messages of friends and acquaintances lately; i have been been paying close attention to their questions and to some extent let them know I'm here if needed.

I have struggled to find my voice as a woman and as an artist. Loneliness, whether perceived or real, can have devastating effects on creativity.  This fact, I know fully well.  If you are fortunate to come out of this phase at any portion of your life, then you have arrived, which brings me to the next musing.

Translation:  How we talk to ourselves when no one is watching? How do we engage in unspoken speech as artists and human beings?

What kinds of things are you telling yourself or others about what you can and Can't do? I have my own list but I won't bore you with the details. 

The power of perception and translation as it relates to the beauty and the pain in our lives is indeed a force. 

Please - listen carefully in your creative and personal lives to these messages. Give your soul and self the license to Stop negative self talk, though at times, in the creative pursuits, there are advantages. Once you release these thoughts into your creations, let them go.

YES! there is pain and yes their is soul searching. But there is an enormous body of altruism and love out there. The creative spirit is resilient, whatever that creativity translates into. 

Create and release.