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This week was a humble reminder of how interconnected we all are.


If you need any proof of this just look at how Facebook has managed to find a way to capitalize on this fact and suggest people we might know or create connections amongst mutual friends we might have and would not have found otherwise.


But seriously, our lives and even our struggles as humans are so intertwined to others', perhaps more noticeably in small towns, and this was made more evident to me this past week.



As i sit outside to write this post, helping mosquitoes in their quest,enjoying this beautifull night,  I'm thankful for the many wonderful things and good news we have received this week. We continue to pray for a good friend as he/she continue a journey of recovery. 

Our community projects are nearing the first phase of completion which means that our weekends should start slowing down so we can bike and paddleboard in the near future.

Our committment to little free libraries continues and I share progress photos with you all.


A few friends have purchased plants from the garden to help with the purchase of new books or made donations towards this cause; our friend M. also donated shingles for the roof and Steel Creations donated the sign. Everyone that has listened to me rant about this project and my wonderful partner who put the elbow grease on this, deserve a shout out. Thank you for assisting with this amazing project friends.

A part of you will be at the St. Clare Healing Garden.

We also visited the Spring Green Art Fair this weekend since we were going to a children's book presentation at Arcadia Books. We visit this shop everytime I "need" to purchase fabrics from Country Sampler right downtown. 

Arcadia Books from Spring Green Wisconsin, also DONATED the box of books you see below. I asked if they supported little free libraries. 

They most certainly support these libraries; I was shocked somewhat that they would be willing to donate so many books; I took a chance and they said yes!  


Did you know that bookstores many times get advanced copies that can't be sold? I was also given so many ideas as to how we can continue sharing and receiving books.


 Arcadia Books, you make us all proud and we thank the staff for the help!

All in all, the week ended in such a positive note and I'm so grateful to everyone that was a part of it.

Here is to a new and wonderful week of discovery.