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I spend so much time around fabric and sewing machines that sometimes I need time to absorb the process.

I worked on a very special commission for weeks. Part of this is due to the fact that I work full time away from home and have other responsibilities that pull me away from creating; though creating is all I think about when I'm away from home. 

The days after a commission is shipped to a fan/customer, I'm in what I consider a creative stand-still mode. It's very much like the days after finishing a book that you feel so strong about and the characters are swimming in your mind days after, leaving you unable to reach for another book just yet even though you really want to get to your next book.

Creating for me has a similar effect. I won't be away from creating/sewing for very long, just a few days. A few days to absorb that the quilt I spent so many hours planning, creating, quilting and shipping, is now in its new environment. I love that. I love the process from beginning to end. Packing it, is it's very own special reward.

Most of all, I love when friends tell me, they are happy and delighted with their new piece; a piece I carefully considered and executed all by myself. From beginning to end, that 6 pound creation was with me. I don't let anyone ship it or pack for me.

This connection to the work I do, the work that others appreciate, is what keeps me from having my quilts quilted by someone else. Many artists are sending their pieces to be quilted by someone else after a quilt top is made by them. I don't criticize that at all. For me however, quilting the piece is one of the final steps in writing the story. 

I'm happy to write with stitches and create memories I will always treasure.

For now,

Cheers and sunshine for you!