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In the nick of time and very last minute, I filled out the application with the help of my partners in crime and delivered the same to the Sauk County Art Association (SCAA) before 5pm today. 

The sponsor for the Encore!!!Art 6 is the Sauk County Art Association.


I knew I wanted to participate but somehow I kept forgetting the application; thankfully the link to download it had been posted generously and I could not miss it when I visited the website after 3 pm today.

I will be submitting my recycled jean project which I titled " Jeans to the rescue". It is a project that many friends and family members contributed to by donating worn out jeans. I ended up with many more jeans than what I used but I hope to use these in the future.

I finished this project last December and as if it was meant to be, a professional photographer photographed it, so I include a nice frame of it below. Some of you might have seen it but here it is once again :)

A portion of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to Autism Speaks.


Thank you to all those that encouraged me to get my act together and the wonderful people that submitted the application on my behalf while I was back at work this afternoon. These two happen to be the people I love the most, my little family.

love and blessings,