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I'm one of those people genuinely interested in the history of quilting, especially the contributions made by women long ago.


Today I had the opportunity to meet a woman, a creative woman who had every intention to finish the quilts made by her paternal grandmother. She raised a large family and made many contributions throughout her career working in theater but she never finished the quilts that were left unfinished. I hope I can make this dream a reality for her.

Every time i find myself staring into history, I'm humbled by the circumnstances that brought me there in the first place. I'm reminded of the role that women and men continue to play in carrying out the traditions that were handed down by our ancestors. 

I had the immense honor of looking and learning about the quilts that have so many memories attached to them. Her goal is to have these quilts gifted to her grandchildren. it is my sincere wish that the owner of such treasures is as happy with the end result as I was meeting her today.

I only brought quilt 1 of 3 to complete. I know there are plans to finish at least 2 of them. The 3rd due to the age and condition of the fabric, I need to research further.

I leave you with a photo of the first quilt to be finished.



As a note: I'm months out at the moment for new work.

I'm most grateful for that.


I'm currently working on a "Sunshine" quilt for a friend in Minnesota.

It will be many weeks before the Sunbonnet Sue Blocks below receives quilting attention but I wanted to share it with you.