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Last summer as I dreamed about being a part of the Fall Art Tour, I had this idea that perhaps I should have some of my most recent work photographed by a professional photographer, especially since the small quilt below would become my submission for the flyer.


While it did not happen right away, another friend posted photos of her work next to a professional shot frame and the difference was striking. We enjoy taking photos of our work to share with others but a professional shot can be remarkable. The truth is I have heard other photographers mention this. They are right. 

The whole experience in collaborating with others can be an astounding re-birth in that you get to see your work in a completely different manner. Maybe the work inspires you to do something bolder.

The collaboration has to feel right and you will know you made the right decision because every detail lines up. 



Below I share my camera phone photo and the professional shot follows. There IS a very striking difference. It should teach me perphas to use a real camera? Probably not. There are very talented photographers out there, choosing one is not difficult but there are factors like schedule and cost to consider. Will not bore you with the details.

Scroll down to see the difference!



I had such an amazing time sharing my space and work that I found myself enjoying the experience more than I thought. Not only did I have a chance to work with another artist, but the work that came later was first class.

As a working fiber artist, I know the happiness I feel when my customers/fans are satisfied and joyful about the work i produce for them. It was great to feel the same way about this joint venture. I also had the chance to create something for my artist friend and hope she is as delighted with it as I'm with her work.

Working with another artist is a gift I do not take for granted. You will often hear me say that this community is filled with amazingly talented individuals; some I have not met yet, but hopefully our paths will cross when the time is right.

Finally, I include a few more of my favorites, in case you are curious! 








Photo Credit - Christina Beam Photography


Cheers to trying something new! (positive)