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Living in NYC was an experience I will never forget. It is still a place I love to visit.

NYC is where my grandparents settled down after migrating from Havana; it's also where my dad moved to almost a decade after them and where I ultimately came to be as a teenager.

NYC is the sort of place where your senses become overloaded and life seems to get away from you if you let it. It is also the kind of place where you can dream and dreams have this funny way of giving us hope and making us grow.

I learned so much in NYC and had great college professors that helped me learn even when it was hard for me to communicate, much less write college papers. My dad also made this possible. 

When it came to ART, i did spend many Sundays walking around the Metropolitan Museum of Art; it is a place I will share with my daugther when she is ready. 

The MET's incredible presence is like an iceberg in the middle of a city that never slows down. It is the sort of place where you Dream and Learn. No one throws you out unless you dare to touch a painting maybe; you can sit and contemplate and sketch! 

NYC is the reason I LOVE the Arts and although I took many years off from creating, I have come home. 

The ARTS are alive, please encourage your children to develop whatever their creative pursuits happen to be. Sports are great and we encourage our athletes fiercely!

Don't Forget to Encourage your Artists, especially our children.

Creating with our Hands Empower our Minds and help our Communities become more competitive and stimulating.