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Good Sunday to you!


There are so many exciting things I want to share with you today but I tend to run ahead of myself so I will be patient.


My family and I had a great time at the Very Merry Holiday Fair last month in Baraboo. It was our first time and we are excited for the opportunity to do it again.


I invite you all to check Helen's Daughters Studio in Baraboo! Visit their facebook page and you will be rewarded with color and great design. This is the sponsoring studio of the Holiday Fair and what a great art show this is for Baraboo.


As for me, I'm busy trying to balance it all. The new year started with lots of work and for that I'm so thankful. My sewing studio is also the family room, so oftentimes there are many things going on at once. We enjoy our time together and that remains the top priority.


There are many projects I'm currently working on but the first quilts of 2014 are T-Shirt Quilts. Happy to report that these are not just for small children. The quilt you will see below is from a wonderful young woman who saved many of her shirts from college and I hope the ending product is as satisfying to her as it was for me to create. The second quilt will be for a college hockey player; a graduation gift from his parents.


Not only am I thrilled that we are using and reusing materials but memories are being preserved for many more years to come. 


If you are interested in learning how to make these, please email me. I would be happy to teach you or make one for you.


Happy and Healthy New Year to you friends.