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Recently I had a few visitors in my home studio, all at once! It still feels new talking about my work and boy do i have lots to say! I remember where I get all my materials, my frame of mind, where and who was around at the time I created something. It is endless what goes through my mind and the excitement i feel when i have a chance to talk about my creations. It also feels selfish to discuss so much about my work, which its silly because as an artist, part of our work is our story.

So when my visitors were at the studio and as I held up piece after piece, I could not help but feel proud of my work. I struggle as most artists do, to balance work, home life, family activities and schedules at once. I find myself thinking, when am I going to get back to the work that i have piling up?


As I discussed my work and my nervousness eased, i understood a bit more the process of being judged for your art. I discovered what perhaps i knew all these years. I'm a storyteller and to tell my story, that i'm ready for.


Today, I want to share a studio with you all that i happen to find inviting and a creative haven.





I love visiting artists' spaces; it's invigorating to see how other artists work, the materials, techniques and most of all the colors and textures they work with.


Julie's place, Fifth & Oak, next to Coffee Bean Connection in downtown Baraboo, is a pretty awesome shop but more than that I enjoy the working studio feel. Recently I took some photos of her shop and they are filled with color!

Julie also repurposes and upcycles materials to add to her creations. One of the things that she works with are Ties! Right now she has a Christmas tree on display made from ties.

Check out the skirt below, ties!


This is Marjorie (i hope im spelling this correctly). 

now, off to work, have a beautiful day