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With tens of projects to work on, thousand of ideas and running short on time every day, its easy to get distracted. I often start projects in seconds it seems because should I not do it, I forget my train of thought. I have boxes and buckets and plastic containers in my studio for such feats of creativity; it helps to keep organized in the midst of my chaos!

I have ideas when I have no time for implementing them, doing dishes and laying down seem to be the worst of those time. 

What do you do to stay on point? is a question I get asked often. 

I never stay on point; in fact, during my creative phases I'm a basket case. The ideas come as quickly as a blink and if I dont have the time to work on them, I get frazzled. 


Like now, I should be eating my lunch because I have to return to work but knowing that I will be unavailable later, my ocd gets the best of me.

The little girl quilt below came to me at midnight one day this week. Its all I think about because its so endearing and reminds me of my daughter.




Last night, while cleaning my studio, I found this pair of very vintaged and delicate gloves. I know I will do something great with them but for now I contend with sharing them with the world until the crazy midnight comes and tells me what to do with them!


The point of all of this? Creativity is the most amazing feeling in the world. It's more than a feeling; It's a way of life. I would not change it for the world; I'm so grateful for the ability to create something that not even I can envision until many hours later.

Creativity is an enery like no other and I salute all of those that create and share it with us.  I could not turn off my creativity even if I wanted to. Lucky for me, this is a real "dream".

Cheers Friends, go out there and have fun. Find something that you can't live without and share it