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Today I'm inspired by the act of taking chances and by the people willing to give each of us a chance.

It reminds me of my very first retail job in the Fall of 2000 along Lexington Ave in NYC. I was not even properly dressed for the job even less asking to be hired. I will never forget the small business owner who asked me a couple of questions and asked that I return the next day. I got the job; she saw something in me whether it was desperation or not, I will never know. I got the job and I learned a lot from my time there before I moved to Wisconsin. 


After moving to Baraboo I attended a few of the Sauk County Art Association (SCAA) events, not many,  but enough to know that the arts had a following even in a small town like this one.

The first piece of art I purchased at an event held where Garden Party Cafe is now, was a stained glass and metal candle holder. I was happy that night and carried my purchase close to my heart during my +1 mile walk home. I can't remember the name of the artist that created my treasure but that made an impact on me since it was my first contribution to my home as a newlywed. I also felt proud and special that I could own an affordable piece of original art which in NYC would have been out of my price range. I still have the art piece, now in my sewing room.

I had no way of knowing that some of the artists I met during my very brief period attending SCAA back then, would have a role in getting this small write up of my work in the local paper this past summer. It feels like coming full circle. It meant a lot to me to see this small article about my work. 


It took me many years to join SCAA as an artist and part of that came from not being ready; I was not ready to invest so much of myself at a time when I was embarking on a new journey, in a new place. Now IM READY and I feel my own creative revolution is just starting. No, I could not have gotten here without the small steps I took 12 years ago or the people that encouraged me to move forward.

Cheers to taking chances, however small!