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A place filled with Art, community and natural resources. 

It has taken me a long time to understand what a special city Baraboo is, partly because I have been cautious in getting to know Baraboo. I had no plans to make it my permanent home but I'M GLAD that it is and I have had the pleasure of meeting some very amazing and talented people. Meeting them has made my love and committment grow to do what I can to contribute.

In the end, I have my husband to thank (yes he will be shocked when he reads this) for selecting this city as our permanent home. He chose Baraboo before I moved here from NYC and I trusted that he would choose well. He was proud that he had chosen a city with a taxi service (one of my requirements). Little did he know that it had a wonderful art community. It took me 10 years to find this out and come out of my cocoon. I'm in, and I have a feeling that my heart would be a little broken If we had to move.

A few of the things that I love about Baraboo:


Home of the Al Ringling Theatre



Named one of the 20 best small towns to visit in 2013 by the Smithsonian Magazine



Baraboo is also the home of a very active downtown featuring great restaurants, shops, bookstores and a beautiful courthouse square lawn.

Baraboo has been winning my heart since our daughter was born 6 years ago.

Thank you to all that have done their part to make my stay here enjoyable.