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Hello and thanks for reading!


We had a great open house last Sunday! Thank you to all that attended and for the beautiful gifts.


Photo by Helen's Daughters Studio

Many of you have asked me about the studio space so I'm including everything you  may want to know in this blog post. 


I named my business Free Spirit Designs by Maday back in 2012 for a very special reason but I'm not as much of a free spirit as people think. I'm methodical and often takes me a long time to make a decision but when I do, my heart is completely in. 


This wonderful space I have leased, for 6 months, is a Pop-Up dream of mine. No, I'm not part of any Pop initiative at the moment. On Art June day I made up my mind and decided to sign the lease. No, my business is not new and yes, I formed an LLC finally, after dragging my feet for many years.


So, What does Free Spirit Designs by Maday do?


Well, I have been teaching sewing classes since 2010 when I barely knew how to sew and have continued growing in my craft and in my spiritual journey. My weeks are full and I could not be more proud. I also work full time for a wonderful local business. 


I love to teach and will try almost anything that is Positive, Invigorating and Fun!


I like to be productive and charitable and I'm honored to be part of many artistic endeavors at the moment. I'm also a graduate student and thrilled beyond belief that I get to go to school at any age.


I'm so proud of my collaboration with Dana from D'Marie Fiber and Yarn in Sauk City. Talk about a wonderful artist herself and very charitable and giving.


I have had many questions about the future and my teaching is my number one priority so if you are in need of a creative outlet in barn quilt painting, hand stitching, Sashiko, Kantha stitching, conversation, plants, and knitting, I can help you. I love to travel, to teach and to learn. I'm happy and excited about life and the opportunities I continue to seek. 


If you ever find yourself curious about my adventures, ask me; I love questions and I will share what I know. 


In the meantime, come see me at all the places you know I'm. A big thank you to all the shops and friends that allow me to continue to teach in their establishments. Many thanks to those sharing my cards, encouraging me and taking my classes. Really, I'm very grateful to you. 


My studio space is for now a place for slow-making: weaving, painting, handstitching and knitting. If you like to know what hours I will be there please check Facebook. My business page is very well established and you can find all the details there. 


I hope you continue to enjoy your summer and remember, I'm just a message away.