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Good Morning!

Is is almost July? 

I don't know about you, but I'm fascinated by birds, for many, many years. Once I discovered that with a little dirt and a few seeds, I could be persuaded to change my stubborn ways and welcome gardening into my life, I have looked for ways to benefit and help birds thrive in our gardens. I also have done that in Downtown Baraboo with our volunteer gardens. 


I don't use chemicals in my yard and I'm deeply saddened when its used near me because it alters how the natural world works around us, even in a small scale.


So, the reason for talking about birds this morning? Well, I saved a little bird yesterday. Why is that newsworthy? Because in my almost 4 decades here, I had never held a bird. It was trapped in the corner of glass windows and was trying frantically to get out. The little bird was helpless, fluttering about. 


Yesterday was a beautiful day so the shop where I work had the doors open. I was determined to help this little creature and scared of touching it! I kept saying outloud, It's ok, It's ok, It's ok, as if the bird could understand. I think I was just trying my best to be gentle so I would not hurt it. It was also a great reward to see it fly away, having lost just a few feathers.


A few years ago I had a logo created for my creative business to call it something and the only thing that made sense to me, was that it needed to represent the freedom only birds have but birds get captured or trapped sometimes by their own design. I still enjoy their freedom to enjoy their adventures for as little or as long as they are here.  


Sometimes we have to tell ourselves that things will be ok and that is just good enough.


Fly a few birds but don't forget to fly yourself with your imagination.