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Hi all!


Towards the end of last month we were lucky enough to be invited to charming Hudson, WI to speak at their local quilt guild. It was a great experience to share and discuss some of the projects I have been working on for the last couple of years. Since then we have returned once more on our way back from Morris, MN and wanted to share from those two trips some of the lovely sights and eateries that we have come upon. 


I also discovered one of the most inspiring textile havens I have ever, evah, seen! This post is all about the enchanting offerings that small towns offer, particularly during the summer months.


Hudson Quilters Guild meeting - May


During our May trip, it rained non-stop but we still managed to enjoy Hudson's lively downtown after the presentation and take the Mississipi river road. What a treat that was. A big thank you to the guild for the invitation to share my work. 

We found an amazing restaurant on our first trip called Brick's Neopolitan Pizza. Everything was delicious and only the best ingredients! The place was clean and the service impeccable.

The tastiest stuffed mushrooms I have ever had and yes, I look forward to photographing my food everywhere I go.


My daughter loved her sandwich

A delectable salad; the kind you are happy to eat. The medallions are little bundles of warm goat cheese I believe.

On our way back from Morris, MN earlier this month, we stopped once again in Hudson and visited another great restaurant called San Pedro's Cafe! 

It has a great atmosphere and seems like it's always busy. We were there on a Thursday for lunch and the place was packed.

No matter how determined we were to make it home early from our trip, the scenic river road really is a time "waster" in the best sense of the word. Really. There is so much to see on the Wisconsin side of that road and we were helplessly drawn to the small towns and fun businesses along the route. Below I share a few of my all time favorite finds.

When we drove by Cultural Cloth and I glanced at the word Cultural, I immediately told my partner that I had no idea what it was but we had to stop. It is not every day that that word is casually on a sign!


Cultural Cloth is the most inspiring place I have ever seen and I believe I might have mentioned this earlier. It is located in Maiden Rock, WI and it is every bit a culture shock to me in the middle of nowhere, or so I thought. 


The owner is gracious, hospitable, knowledgeable and frankly, delightful ! That is a whole lot of adjectives but that is how I felt being there. I left with just a few small purchases but I called two days ago to make the purchase that I should have made while I was there.


The place is a cultural heaven for the work that women do around the world. It could not be faked. It is original and drew me into it because of my heritage and the tribute and respect that all cultures deserve.


I could live there and be their cleaning lady, truly. Here are a few of my favorite things I found, imported from all over the world.


Everything is exquisite, the packaging, surroundings and work by the many talented women from around the world, which this shop supports. I could not be more proud as an immigrant woman myself, of the women from the developing world, that are represented in this shop. 

Look at that smile. She was wonderful to talk to and sent me home with a few pieces of textiles, I will always cherish.

I have other places to share with you but I don't want to bore you with too many photos so I shall save them for another day.