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It has been over three months since I have been able to sit down and share some of the adventures and photos of the lovely places we have been and the things we have been able to partake in, besides sharing a few on social media.


I have been doing such fun projects, custom quilts, teaching classes, learning and most of all, very grateful that I get to do what I'm doing presently. I have worked very hard but I owe all those that follow me and support me, many many thanks. My family is always at the forefront of what I do, whether it is walking distance from our home or very far away. This adventure is part of our goal to discover and learn more about the Midwest.


We had a great time sharing barn quilt painting with all generations!  


The adventures have not stopped since the Midwest Fiber Art Trails at the end of March, so my blog posts, to help me catch up, will start with the latest event we were at in Morris, Minnesota. I still can't believe that I was accepted as a presenting artist at the local flavors event, a great community event and that I was paid for my work. What a novel idea!


As a sustainability, graduate student, and everyone asks me what that means, I strive to live and create art within communities that deepen connections and contribute to lasting environmental awareness, trying to pay attention to sharing and caring about others in an honest way. 


Being sustainable to me is much more than volunteering my time in working at community gardens, supporting little free libraries and other donations of physical items, although all these things help; I wish to spread a love of creativity that integrates inner growth as artists, makers and humans and allows us to construct more fulfilling places that embrace our cultures and generations, for generations to come. 


I love promoting art that satisfies the human spirit as much as the creative, outwardly need many of us have to share, to be part of communities with a common goal. My creations are always an expression of the world around me and the things I learn from others but my culture shapes the whole of who I'm and what I do. I'm also grateful to have the ability to share my life with people that get it. 


Morris, Minnesota will always have such a special place in my journey; the summit was 3 days and there was so much love, creativity, inclusion and understanding that I have not seen in quite a long time. I was inspired and humbled by the love and giving spirit of people from all over the US. This is a dream come true and I was only a very small part of this celebration. 


Thank you all for being on this crazy fun ride with me!


Spread your wings and go for it.


Xoxo to all.


Morris's Rural Arts & Culture Summit - a remarkable gathering.

A reporter with the Pioneer


i love the pure joy of this shot!


My little lady, the welder!


Great performance in over 80 degree weather.

a few of my art quilt collages were displayed around the tents.




Thanks for viewing!