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My theme this year is “Elevate, Celebrate LOVE”


Today I bring you a short and sweet machine embroidery Valentine’s day project that can be adapted to any occasion or hoop size. I have wanted to experiment working with cork fabric for a few months and since I had an embroidery hoop available, I decided to give it a try. Create a fun display for your home or the office.



About the Project:


Part of what motivates me as a fiber artist is the ability to embroider and work with unusual textiles or materials as long as my machine can handle it!  The Janome Skyline 9 certainly can. Cork fabric comes in a variety of colors, is easy to work with, has a great texture and plays well with denim fabric. Another favorite thing is to upcycle clothing pieces that have seen better days!


Valentine’s day Embroidery Hoop Art:


Janome Skyline 9

Embroidery foot

9” round, plastic embroidery hoop

10” x 10” cork fabric

Small curved Janome scissors

Rayon thread,  3 colors, 1 variegated

Denim fabric

Sticky wash away stabilizer

RE20 machine hoop






Hoop the sticky stabilizer to fit your machine hoop and place the cork fabric on top, smoothing out any bumps. 


IMG_2330.JPG                IMG_2332.JPG

Select the built-in heart design.





I skipped embroidery steps for this design to be able to cut the center of the blue denim heart and make it into a raw edge applique shape, exposing the cork fabric behind it. You can continue customizing your embroidery project after the initial heart is embroidered, under the “edit” screen.








After your embroidery design is complete, hoop it and trim back the excess cork fabric with curved scissors. Since we are using a 10x10” square and a 9” inch hoop, you should not have a lot of wasted material. You can see that the back of the cork fabric is perfectly smooth. I left the wash away stabilizer in since this is a decorative piece.


I hope you will give cork fabric a whirl. The sewing world certainly gives us plenty of inspiring materials with which to work and expand our creativity. Embroidery hoops are also a great source of whimsy to uplift our walls and our hearts!

This type of project is also great for the sewing studio and/or a child’s room.