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Hello beautiful people!


It has taken me more than an hour to figure out why adding photos to a blog post or title page, was not working!!!! I used to think that I was very savvy with technology but I must admit, even though I succeeded, all my new laptop needed was patience from ME! Big surprise there.  So here I'm, so ready for school to start and aligning my priorities with a new reality. I'm going back to school. Now Imagine me saying that on the top of a mountain, really, yelling it out of the top of my lungs because I'm beyond thrilled.


Back to the reason for writing the blog post today.  The North Freedom Public Library - a rural community gem. 


Talk about a deserving library and community leaders! The staff at this library is beyond dedicated and personal, creative expressions can be found all throughout the library. It has the charm of a small town and the personality of the big city.


This was my first time visiting, January 7, 2017 but I had, like so many people read a recent article on how far the library has come with the encouragement and leadership of Ms. Roloff, the library's director and her team members. This is a team effort.


My family, along with the help of the wonderful people that have supported my work by either purchasing it or taken a class from me, presented the library with 2 brand new Janome sewing machines. We are confident these machines will be a great addition to the current offerings at the library.


We plan to continue being a steward of sewing supplies to the libraries that reach out to us and we will do our very best to assist where we can. This post would not be complete without giving a shout out to the owner of Ardyth's Sew n Vac Shoppe in Downtown Baraboo, Michele M. I purchase machines locally to help as many people as we can. 


Below I share a few of the photos from our visit; you will see many beautiful cake pans all around this little gem of a library and yes, they can be checked out for that very special cake baking in your future.

Ms. Roloff, North Freedom Public Library Director.


Cheers to all for your continued encouragement. Our pledge to spread sewing joy and empower our communities through sewing with the Free Spirit Sewing Machine Project turns 2 years old next month.





How can we be our best selves? Helping and empowering others. You can quote me on that :)