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Happy New Year to all of you!


We hope it was everything you wished it to be and may the new year bring you what you are searching for. 


The last five days have been so enjoyable and carefree; I have spent time cooking delicious meals, many for the first time, organizing school office space, planning teaching curriculum, making crafts and getting caught up on sleep and much needed family time.  

I can't welcome this new year without sharing some of the most special, creative moments of 2016.


December 2016 Barn Quilt Painting class, 8 participants

We were blessed with great working opportunities and many new prospects going into the new year. We also had reminders of what being a family is all about; if one of us is not feeling or doing well, then the whole unit does not work as efficiently or as happily. This last point is so important.


2017 for us, myself and my family, will be a year of deep connections to the earth and the work presented before us, whole 3 acres to nurture. With the new year comes new schooling opportunities for me; I have no idea where this will take me but for the time being I'm relishing deeply in this moment of making a difference in sustainability. Creating and supporting downtown gardens remains a priority for us, where we live. In the end, education is my most important goal.


The Free Spirit Sewing Machine project continues to benefit non-profits that demonstrate a creative initiative to benefit rural communities. 


Now on my second year, I will lead once again AccuQuilt club at Nancy's Notions in Beaver Dam, monthly, beginning in March with a one day retreat in May. I'm also delighted to partner with Janome on their Maker program with regular contributions to their website. Finally I will be presenting at various guilt guilds  around our beautiful state. 


Sincere thanks to those that have helped us grow since 2012 in meaninfuly ways and offered us opportunities for growth.  I work tireslessly to come up with classes and activities that stimulate the mind and brings us closer together to develop our collective artistry and sense of community. Textile art is here to stay and so am I.


Remember to create art that is personal and meaningful; don't compromise and don't follow trends if they don't represent your artistic journey xoxo.


Happy New Year to all of you.

Many thanks!




A very short visual tour - Free Spirit Designs by Maday

The Very Merry Holiday Art Fair

Special Order

Special Order

Modern Stitching Affair, Madison. Photo by L.L.

Well organized and infused with creativity and goodwill.

QUILT EXPO, Madison, Traveling with the Black & White plus one Challenge entries. "Domestic Violence is my plus one"

Art for me using reclaimed wood and batiks

Nature escapes, to remind us of the beauty that awaits us.