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We made it through the giant snow that never came!



There is nothing like breathing that freshness and seeing the beautiful, fresh coating of fine snow to remind us that there is a reason for the four seasons. My island bones can't adjust to this, not even after almost twenty two years worth of seasons but I look forward to it and the joy that it can bring.


Seasons remind us of how far we have come as we wear our lessons, triumphs and failures deep within us; it brings us perspective as we navigate and mentally review where we have been for the last year (or facebook will throw it back at you). 


Mostly, I enjoy seeing how we deal with challenges from one year to the next and overcome the things we can't control. Strength, perseverance and cheer stubborness educates everything I do personally. With each season I aim to break away from routine, boredom and negative rethoric. I know many that do as well. 


It's is liberating to follow the path of your own seasons, taking one step at a time and challenging ourselves to be more curious than we were ever before. We have no choice but to be molded by the natural seasons, hoping that when we come through, our stubborness would have paid off. 


I have been blessed with an incredible amount of work this year (I'm so grateful) and while I enjoy the many joys of social media, I have continued to self-ban myself from places like youTube and following "famous" people. I look to the world around me to find all the inspiration I need. Frankly, I prefer it that way. Face to face human connections is my you-tube channel and the great, funny human connections I have been a part of this year, are a true testament to that; we need to interact face to face more. 


Always, follow your seasons, even if you don't know the joys of winter.


Top created by JM, Quilted by Free Spirit Designs by Maday. Many thanks to my family for coming out to photograph and help me hold this giant, king sized quilt.


Cheers, Love & Stubborness!