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Happy December !


To say that I'm far behind with posting about the fun events we have had would be an understatement. So here I'm pretending to catch up and that is ok too.


The Barn Quilt painting classes, (no you do not need to own a barn to attend) have been received so positively that there is no way not to backtrack to show you the progress and the beauty. The ladies have done a phenomenal job! Gentlemen are of course welcomed to attend. 


The truth is we are having such fun getting to know each other from different places in Wisconsin and beyond through paint and design. I'm learning so much about drafting with the old fashioned pencil and paper on wood and translating some of the designs into fabric quilt blocks. 


I would like to thank everyone that has shared, liked, supported and taken my classes this year. I can't say it enough. Your support through these classes allow me to continue the Free Spirit Sewing Machine Project with more opportunities to  support worthy causes in our communities. I can't do it all alone, I have tried. So Thanks again for joining me in this crazy "paint the towns" mission of mine.


Barn Quilt painting class - October 2016

Barn Quilt painting Class - November 2016



Our next Class is December 12! Email me for details. 

Come join us if you can. A few spots are still available. No painting experience is needed to attend and we always have a great time, besides, there will be cookies and your design will be all set when you get there. All you have to do is add your own artistic touch and have fun leaving behind the little stress of the holidays. 


Love to all!

Be good to another and do the best you can.